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Reinventing the way Events are created

Whether you’re looking for competitive advantages, enhancing attendee experience or increasing the amount of foot traffic to your events, generating better ROI, Events & Meetings events promises end-to-end solutions to create impactful events efficiently.


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Total Events Management Program

"Events & Meetings has a mission : Impactful attendee experiences and seamless event planning for all".

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Shivangi Dixit

Founder of Events & Meetings Inc.

Platform Agnostic Event Technology Solutions:
We're here to support you, not shoehorn you into a platform

Insight & Data Analytics
Leveraging insight and data analytics empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.
Plan & Promote
Effective planning and promotion are the cornerstones of successful events or projects, requiring meticulous preparation and strategic outreach.
Attendee Management
Attendee management is the heartbeat of any event, fostering meaningful connections and creating memorable experiences for participants.