On-Site Management

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On-Site Management

On-Site Solutions

Our Remote Event Staff provides support to your On-Site team to ensure a seamless check-in experience and manages flow-of-traffic while tracking and reporting on available attendee data.

On-Site Badge Printing

Ideal for large and public-facing events such as conferences and tradeshows, OnSite Badge Printing will impress guests with a seamless check-in experience using the latest onsite attendee registration technology.
Avoid common registration challenges such as:
OnSite Badge Printing allows hosts to monitor who attends which sessions, track booth check-in times and determine which content, topics, and speakers are most popular with attendees.

‍Exhibitor & Sponsor Management

Efficient tools & Streamlined processes for high event ROI.
Our team helps you plan for Tradeshows & Exhibitions both as organisers and participants. Our platform expertise and strategic solutions help bring all exhibitor administration together in one place.
E&M team has vast experience in planning and managing exhibitions, trade shows, sports hospitality and other corporate events. We provide end-to-end event technology services, creating a Centralize exhibitor and sponsor communication channel, it helps exhibitors easily capture and rate leads from your event. In the end, automation and standardisation help you save event costs and streamline the process.
We work with the Event team to create a well-integrated portal for the exhibitors to upload content and assign booth staff. This way we can provide real-time reporting & allows exhibitors, sponsors and stakeholders to: