Surveys & Assessment

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Surveys & Assessment

Feedback Surveys

We believe in continuous and consistent improvement and it can be achieved when we enable our clients to listen to their attendees. Increase their intuitiveness & engagement with the platforms, providing value in the content of the event. Therefore, we help you create personalised feedback surveys for different audiences or stakeholders and collect feedback throughout the lifecycle of an event to keep audiences engaged before, during and after. We help you curate and make it easier to collect more meaningful event feedback, aggregate and compare ratings across events, sessions or speakers and ultimately help you continue the evolution of your events program.


For any event tied to credits or certifications, we can use the feedback surveys as an assessment where we can define pass/fail scores and actions. The team can define scoring values, correct answers, and more with flexibility within the designers. The E&M event technologists work directly with your team to create these assessments, set up logic, define scores, further set up the communication plan for the attendees and ensure response rates.
Our Attendee experience manager can help award faster credits & configure your event ahead of time to auto-award event credits based on survey completion or score and share individual results back to your speakers through the Speaker Resource Center setup if required.
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