Video Production & Streaming

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Video Production & Streaming

Video Creatives & Editing

E&M has an in-house team of video editors & creators that can work with your marketing & planning team to create gripping videos taking your marketing materials and agenda to the next level. Create videos which communicate & leave the viewers intrigued.

Event Production & Live/Simulive Streaming

On that note, video creation is an imperative piece for any Hybrid. Virtual event. E&M team can add class and precision to your live/simulive or On-Demand virtual content. We begin with aligning your agenda goals with the best streaming & registration technologies. Next, we work with your planning team and speakers to create the content either Live or Pre-recorded.
Our team of producers and editors then make use of the streaming platforms to share that content with your attendees creating an interconnected and personalised experience for them. The use of platforms like :
A hybrid or virtual event requires a well-knit team starting from Program managers, Event Technologists, and Attendee Experience Managers to Video Producers, Editors & Streaming partners. As all of the E&M team members come from organisations like Cvent, Amex GBT, and Encore we have seasoned production partners that help our clients execute high-definition digital events. We enable them to stream the quality content from a live event to their virtual and home-based attendees using our partners for A/V support.
We are happy to partner with an existing Production Provider with the other pieces of the event to ensure everything goes smoothly.