Reporting & Data Analytics

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Reporting & Data Analytics

Budget Management

E&M team helps the planners & stakeholders keep a high-level eye & track spending and savings all along the event lifecycle. We use the attendee tools to track budget estimates, capture high-level budget estimates per spend category; Track figures, Track negotiated rates and actually paid against the initial quote to show their return on objectives.
We help the planner team to reconcile the event post-completion by using the tracked information and savings formulas to help share the value proposition by calculating the event spends, savings, and finally the ROI created by the event.
We don’t shoehorn any particular solution for budget mgmt. as a factor, our team can use existing solutions like Cvent, Aventri, Bizzabo, Hopin and many more to track the event.


Our comprehensive use of the technology platforms and expertise in setting up the structure of the event helps us track every action your audience takes in one simple-to-use report, share it with stakeholders and compare the engagement of your attendees, speakers and events to measure performance
We understand measuring your meetings’ effectiveness can be hard. Our reports give you more event details before, during, and after your event to prove savings and value.
ROI, program impact, program optimization, portfolio analysis and engagement scoring including surveys before, during and after the event.

HCP Compliance

Speaker programs, Healthcare engagements, Peer-to-peer meetings, Expert’s Q&A sessions, Round Table Discussions, Virtual Advisory Board meetings & more.