Program Management & Content Delivery

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‍Event Planning & Program Management

Our event technology experts specialise in assessing solutions that best fit your event technology needs. We design, build and manage events & registrations setup using various platforms & applications, introducing the most favourable event tech solutions that support your objectives. Let us help you master your use of event technology and implement it in ways that maximise the impact on your attendees.

Our event program managers are trained and ready to manage the details and make the planning process easier for you. They leverage their experience to provide recommendations and solutions that will take your live, virtual, or hybrid event to the next level.
Meetings & Events are fluid and ever-changing. They are not transactional.
Our team of Program Managers & Event Technologists strongly believe that we should be trusted partners & extensions to your planning team. We listen to and understand your unique event objectives & requirements, and get the details iterated & documented. Our flexibility & resilience help us make decisions that empower your team & provide the level of service you deserve.

We together as a team truly deliver a successful event

Just as expected from a team we seamlessly work with you whenever you need, end to end or just along the way. E&M is there to help you plan a memorable experience for your attendees.
subtitle star 1Scope, Plan, Execute

Content Management Services

Abstract Management

Our team of ex- higher education & pharma event planners make the best use of content collection abstracts using the event technology solutions that allow customization of submission forms in order to collect the right information from the speakers. Our team works with the planning team & enables the speakers to:
The whole idea of the abstract management solution is to help build your content agenda efficiently.
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Copywriting & Editing

Our Marketing strategists team come with more than 30 years of cumulative experience consulting for two of the Big 4’s. We work with the planning team helping them deliver their message to the world in an Impactful & everlasting way. Let us help you with :
We design the web & email content for your event & help create a gripping story which grabs attendee attention, ensures attendance & maximises ROI.

Graphics & Package Design

With creative team members coming from the best designing agencies, working on tools like Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and 3-D Unreal Engine we work with your marketing team to integrate the event’s theme with your organisation’s branding.
Designing websites & mobile app graphics along with the signage, and supporting creative assets for the event makes an everlasting impact on attendees. Our team can partner with your event team for a wide range of design services